What solar panels do I need for a 1000 sqft house

Free Online Quote. You have heard of kWp about photovoltaic panel installations but that does not mean much to you? Do you want to know what this represents in terms of the number of solar panels on your roof? You are in the right place ! We will give you all the information you need to know in order to best estimate the number of solar panels needed for your 1000 sqft house (and our advice for smaller or larger houses).

How to calculate the number of solar panels needed for your house?

Solar Panel for Home. When you plan to install solar panels on the roof of your house, you must carefully consider certain elements to know what types of solar panel you are going to install (photovoltaic solar panels or solar thermal panels), can your roof accommodate solar panels and how many solar panels will be needed to meet your energy expectations. To answer some of these elements, you have to look at your energy consumption . Indeed, depending on your consumption profile and your performance expectations, you will be recommended to install a certain number of solar panels corresponding to a total power: the nominal power, expressed in kWp.

To estimate its energy needs, you can refer to the electricity consumption standards by type of station. It is thus considered that the electricity consumption is approximately:

  • 110 kWh / 10ft2 / year for heating;
  • 1,100 kWh / household / year for electrical appliances;
  • 800 kWh / person / year for domestic hot water;
  • 200 kWh / person / year for cooking.

Depending on the estimate of your annual energy consumption, you will be able to determine the power of the system. Be aware, however, that you do not size your installation to exactly match your electrical needs since part of a household’s energy consumption takes place when the sun is not shining. It is therefore considered that the nominal power of the installation must cover approximately one third of its needs. Note that if you have low needs and are looking for cheaper solar panels , you can opt for a solar kit to assemble yourself. Finally, if you live in a stand- alone house that is not connected to the network, you will need to plan for a larger installation as well as a storage battery .

What solar panels do I need for a 1000 sqft house - free energy
What solar panels do I need for a 1000 sqft house – free energy

How many solar panels for a 1000 sqft all-electric house?

It is your consumption profile that will guide you in choosing the number of solar panels to install . Indeed, in a situation where you have a house of approximately 100m2, if the energy you use is entirely electric and if you use standard electrical equipment (washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, oven, television…) you will need to install 3 kWp of solar panels which represents approximately 20 m2 of roofing and 10 solar panels in all – the number of modules depends however on the nominal power of the photovoltaic panel you have chosen. The best solar panels have an efficiencygreater than 20%. It should be borne in mind that these data may change if you have skylights or chimneys, for example, which may reduce the available surface of your installation.

The number of solar panels also depends on the type of installation you have opted for. There are three possibilities:

  • partial self-consumption with resale of surplus;
  • the total sale of electricity to an energy supplier;
  • total self- consumption .

Today, installing self-consumption solar panels with surplus resale is the most interesting for a main residence. This makes it possible to consume one’s own production throughout the life of the solar panels and to inject and resell the surplus kWh produced on the network at a fixed tariff over 20 years. It may therefore be relevant, if the surface of your roof allows it, to install a larger production capacity. To further improve the profitability of your investment, you can try to increase your photovoltaic self-consumption rate through home automation, for example.

How many solar panels for a 1000 sqft house with swimming pool or air conditioning?

If your consumption profile is a little different and in addition to the classic electrical installations you have a swimming pool and/or air conditioning in your house, the consumption of which is high in summer and during the day, you may need more power for your solar panels, to heat the water in your pool using a heat pump, for example. In this situation, we can imagine adding 3 kWp for a total power of 6 kWp. For example here, we can install solar panels on a garden shed , a local swimming pool or any other structure . This will make 40 m2 of roofing and about 20 solar panels in all.

The constraints of the size of the roof

Beyond your consumption profile, you will have to take into account one last essential element: the size of your roof . Indeed, to embark on a solar installation project, it is not enough to know the power you need according to your consumption profile, you must also ensure that your roof can accommodate the solar panels that you wish to ask. If you are a heavy consumer of energy but your roof can only accommodate 10 solar panels, you will not be able to install more and will have to make do. On the other hand, you can find tips for obtaining a little more powerif you have other roofs available for example. Know in general that for a house of 100 m2, the roof comprises two sections of just over 50 m2 per section which will accommodate approximately 30 solar panels.

Going through professionals will allow you to produce a solar quote that meets your expectations as closely as possible according to the situation of your home (sunshine, inclination and orientation), the characteristics of your roof and your consumption profile. Ask now for your personalized quote from our solar experts,


They will then direct you to the best installer of photovoltaic panelsnear you. If you want to discover the different solar artisans from all over France, consult our solar directory. With the Hello Watt solar directory, find all the certified installers Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) classified by department.

How much does a photovoltaic installation cost for a 1000 sqft house?

Considering that a 3 kWp photovoltaic installation is sufficient to cover the needs of a household living in a 100m2 building, the price of the photovoltaic installation will be around € 7,500 (solar panels, inverter and labor). work). If this amount may seem high, be aware that by choosing self-consumption with sale of the surplus you will be able to amortize your investment even more quickly thanks to state aid :

  • the self-consumption bonus, which is $1,140 for a 3 kWp installation;
  • the resale of the electricity produced to WWW at a fixed rate over 20 years.

It should be noted that the installations of solar panels on the ground, placed in a garden for example, do not make it possible to benefit from the premium for self-consumption.

Depending on the location of your house, you will be able to make your installation profitable between 10 and 20 years . Indeed, if you live in a very sunny region, production and performance will be higher, reducing your energy bill and increasing the profitability of the installation.

How much does a photovoltaic installation cost for a 1000 sqft house
How much does a photovoltaic installation cost for a 1000 sqft house

FAQ: Installing solar panels for a 1000 sqft house

How to calculate the number of solar panels needed for its installation?

Before answering this question, we must consider that all solar panels are not equal in terms of power. The size of the installation therefore depends, among other things, on the solar panels used. For the rest, the number of solar panels used depends on 2 major factors:

  • The energy needs to be covered
  • The sunshine specific to the region in which the solar panels are installed
  • The surface of the roof.

Depending on the nature of your project, your budget and your energy needs, you can also invest in solar thermal via hybrid or aerovoltaic solar panels.

How many solar panels do you need for a 1000 sqft house?

In the case of a 1000 sqft house operating entirely on electricity, it can be estimated that a 3 kWp system is necessary. This represents approximately 10 panels . If we add air conditioning and / or a swimming pool, we can then count 6 kWp, or 20 solar panels. This will cover an area of ​​approximately 400 sqft . However, depending on the equipment used and the region you live in, the installed peak power may vary upwards or downwards. It is the installer who is responsible for evaluating the energy potential of your building through a feasibility study. You can also make an indicative solar quote, which will give you an estimate of the power to be installed.

How much does it cost to install solar panels for a 1000 sqft house?

In superimposition, the average price per kilowatt-peak of photovoltaic panels is $2,500, premium for self-consumption deducted. Thus, for 3 kWp, we reach an amount of $ 7,500 and $ 15,000 for 6 kWp (solar panel, inverter or micro inverter and installation work). To make your installation even more profitable, it is possible to sell the surplus electricity that you do not consume to an energy supplier. The WWW  system, for example, offers a feed-in tariff of $0.10/kWh. If you have chosen to bypass the connection of the solar panelsto the network, you can add one or more batteries to your installation, in order to become autonomous. However, in this kind of situation, the cost of the solar installation can quickly explode.

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