What is the cost of laying a parquet floor per sqft

What is the cost of laying a parquet floor per sqft. The price of parquet is $7.8$/sqft on average, with a range of between $3 and $19/sqft installation included. To go further, the price of a laminate floor varies from $3 to $8.5$/sqft while that of a solid floor goes from $5.5 to $19 sqft

Floor type Average price per sqft (with installation)
Laminate flooring (engineered) $4 to $15
Laminate flooring $3 to $8.5
Solid parquet $5.5 to $19

Note: these indicative rates, taken from various specialized sources, take current standards into account.

The type and the surface are the main parameters that influence the cost of your parquet project. However, it is necessary to determine other elements in order to refine your budget:

  • Wood essence.
  • Blade style and format.
  • Resistance.
  • Type of laying.
  • Finishing.

What is the cost of laying a parquet floor per sqft?

Estimate the price of laying your parquet using our detailed guide and make quantify precisely this work by a professional.

In this guide:

  • Price of a parquet according to the type
  • Price for laying a parquet floor per sqft according to the species
  • Laying price of laminate flooring according to the uses
  • Laying a parquet floor: The intervention of a professional
  • Get quotes: Specify the cost of your work
  • Examples of parquet quotes: Standard costing
  • Buying your parquet well: The main brands
  • Additional costs for laying parquet
  • Parquet maintenance cost
  • Choose the aesthetics of your parquet flooring
  • What are the standards for underfloor heating?
  • What standards and labels for parquet floors?

Warm and timeless, parquet continues to appeal to both classic and modern interiors. There are 3 types: solid parquet, solid, traditional but expensive, laminate parquet, which imitates wood but offers very affordable prices, and floating or engineered parquet, an intermediate solution composed of three layers, one of which is wood. noble.

Laminate flooring cost
Laminate flooring cost

Price of a parquet according to the type

Natural wood floors can be solid, entirely made of the same type of wood, or laminated, with a surface layer of noble wood. To these two types of parquet, we must add laminate parquet, which is very popular with the public thanks to a very affordable price per sqft .

When estimating the budget required for your project, be careful not to forget to plan for a volume of materials 10% higher than that calculated, in order to take into account losses linked to cuts.

Laminate flooring cost

The price of a floating floor ranges from $4 to $15$/sqft , installation included. If you want to ignore the installation, then consider that the price of a floating floor varies from $2 to $12/sqft

By misuse of language, we have got into the habit of calling engineered and laminated parquet floors “floating parquet”. It can indeed be both models, even if the engineered parquet can be floating, glued or more rarely nailed, while the laminate is always floating. We are talking about engineered parquet in the following lines.

Engineered parquet consists of three layers:

  1. The facing or wear layer : The facing must measure at least 2.5mm to be entitled to the designation of parquet (standard NF EN 13-756). This layer is on top of the blade.
  2. The soul : This layer of less noble wood (slatted) or industrial panel (such as MDF, HDF, plywood or others) gives the parquet its stability.
  3. The counterbalancing sheet : This lower layer made of plywood, chipboard, peeled wood or fibers is intended to counteract the movement of the blades, in particular bending and curling.

Installation can be nailed, glued or floating. It turns out to be quick and easy, accessible for an individual handyman. Like solid parquet, engineered parquet can be renovated , although the number of renovations will be limited by the thickness of the wear layer.

The cost of engineered parquet varies according to the quality and species chosen, but remains lower than that of solid parquet, while offering a very similar aesthetic.


Laminate flooring installation cost

The price of laminate flooring is between $30 and $85/sqft all inclusive. On the quote for your laminate flooring, the line dedicated to supplies will display a price ranging from $10 to $50/sqft, to which you will have to add the intervention of a professional.

Laminate parquet is not actually parquet, but the expression has fallen into common parlance. Indeed, this flooring is not made of wood.

It includes a support or core made of wood fibers , a resin wear layer that protects the decor and gives its resistance to the parquet, a decorative layer imitating other materials (plus a protective film) and a counterbalance placed on the back which stabilizes the product once laid.

Although it is less durable than engineered or solid parquet (it cannot be renovated), laminate flooring offers an unbeatable average price . Its installation, necessarily floating, is quick and easy, as is its maintenance, and it offers a wide variety of styles.

Cost of laying solid wood flooring

The price of solid parquet fluctuates from $55 to $190/sqft  installation included. If you prefer to do without the services of a professional, the purchase price of a solid parquet floor ranges from 30$ to 140$/sqft.

The traditional parquet par excellence, it is only made of wood of one and the same species.

The price of solid parquet is higher compared to engineered or laminate. This price difference is motivated by the fact that solid parquet can be renovated several times , and has a long life.

This parquet is available in standard thicknesses which determine the width of the boards: 10mm, 14mm, 20mm, 22mm and 27mm. If you wish to opt for a unique and personalized aesthetic, know that it is possible to direct you to a solid parquet made to measure in the dimensions of your choice (within the limits of the standards), for a high price.

Also, keep in mind that solid parquet has excellent insulating properties , far superior to those of the other two variants.

Price for laying a parquet floor per sqft according to the species

Oak is the most widely used species in France for making parquet. However, many other species are possible for your engineered or solid parquet floors, in various colors and hardnesses, to be chosen according to your aesthetic desires but also according to use.

Wood species Average price per sqft (excluding installation) Average price per sqft (with installation) Aspect
Massive oak 3$ to 9$ 5.5$ to 14$ Medium to coarse
grain Blond to red
Engineered oak 2.7$ to 7.5$ 4.7$ to 11$
Solid beech 3.5$ to 9$ 6$ to 14$ Fine grain
Blond to pink
Engineered beech 3$ to 7.5$ 5$ to 11$
Solid maple 3.5$ to 9.5$ 6$ to 14$ Fine grain
Blond to pearly
Engineered maple 3$ to 8$ 5$ to 11.5$
Solid Iroko 4.5$ to 6.5$ 7$ to 11.5$ Light brown to brown medium grain
Iroko laminated 4$ to 5.5$ 6$ to 9$
Solid teak 5.5$ to 13.5$ 8$ to 18.5$ Medium
grain Medium to dark brown
Engineered teak 5$ to 12$ 7$ to 15.5$
Solid ipe 5$ to 7$ 7.5$ to 12$ Fine
grain Light to dark brown
Bonded Ipe 45$ to 60$ 65$ to 95$
Solid ash 3$ to 10$ 55$ to 150$ Coarse
grain Light blonde to light brown
Engineered Ash 27$ to 85$ 4.7$ to 12$
Solid merbau 8$ to 9$ 10.5$ to 14$ Medium to coarse grain Reddish
brown to dark red
Engineered Merbau 7$ to 8$ 9.2$ to 11$
Solid wenge 5$ to 14$ 7.5$ to 19$ Medium to coarse
grain Bright yellow to black
Bonded Wenge 4.5$ to 12$ 6.5$ to 15$

Note: these indicative rates, taken from various specialized sources, take into account current standards (solid and floating floors).

price of oak flooring

The price of an oak parquet floor rises, in its solid version, from 3$ to 9$/sqft and, in its laminated version, from 2.7$ to 7.5$/sqft .

Warm and solid, oak wood is a must for parquet flooring. It comes in many colors, from blond to red. It is one of the most affordable species.

beech wood flooring price

The price of a beech parquet ranges from 3.5$ to 9$/sqft for solid parquet without installation and from 3$ to 7.5$/sqft for engineered wood.

Recognizable by its often pink colours, beech has a fine grain. this wood is very pleasant to the touch while being the least irritating of all European species.

price of maple flooring

For a maple parquet floor, it is necessary to count from 3.5$ to 9.5$/sqft for solid wood and from 3$ to 8$/sqft for engineered wood.

Resistant wood, maple is available from blond to pearly. Wood is a very warm essence that can be modernized by applying an oil or a tinted varnish.

Price of iroko parquet

The average price of an iroko parquet floor  from $45 to $65/sqft for solid wood and from $40 to $55/sqft for engineered wood.

Resistant and stable African wood, iroko offers darker colors, from light brown to yellow brown.

cost of teak flooring

The price of teak flooring ranges  from $5.5 to $13.5/sqft  for solid wood and from $5 to $12/sqft for engineered wood.

Exotic wood stable, solid and resistant to humidity, teak is one of the most expensive species. It is also a noble wood synonymous with luxury.

Price of ipe parquet

The price of an ipé parquet floor ranges  from 5$ to 7$/sqft and for engineered parquet from 4.5$ to 6$/sqft .

Ipe has a very high hardness, which makes it a perfect wood for high traffic areas.

Price of an ash parquet

The price of ash parquet ranges  from $30 to $100/sqft for solid parquet and from $2.7 to $8.5/sqft for engineered parquet.

Ash offers a very open grain, colors ranging from light blonde to light brown and affordable entry-level prices. Make no mistake, ash is a high quality wood, very resistant, particularly flexible and easy to stain.

Merbau parquet price

The price of a merbau floor rises, for solid wood, from 8$ to 9$/sqft , and, for engineered wood, from 7$ to 8$/sqft .

Originally from Asia, merbau is very stable and resistant. However, its use is not recommended due to excessive exploitation.

Price of a wenge parquet

The cost of a wenge parquet is in its solid version from 5$ to 14$/sqft and in its laminated version from 4.5$ to 12$/sqft .

Hard and stable, wenge offers very decorative colors, ranging from dark brown to black.

It is one of the most expensive species.

Laying price of laminate flooring according to the uses

In order to choose the most suitable laminate floor for your project , you will have to ask yourself the question of its use: are you going to lay your parquet in a high traffic area or on the contrary in a room where the floor is not used much? In a dry or damp room? The price of your laminate floor will vary according to the needs arising from the situation.

Uses Average price per sqft (excluding installation) Average price per sqft (with installation) Observed thickness
Chambers and parts with little wear 1$ to 1.5$ 3$ to 5$ 6 to 7mm
Living rooms 1.5$ to 2.5$ 3.5$ to 6$ 8 to 10mm
Floors with heavy traffic 2.5$ to 5$ 4.5$ to 8.5$ 10 to 14mm
Wet rooms 2$ to 5$ 4$ to 8.5$ 8 to 12mm

Note: these indicative prices, taken from various specialized sources, take into account current standards (laminate floors).

Price of laminate parquet for floors with little traffic

The cost of laminate parquet for floors with little traffic is between 3$ and 5$/sqft  all inclusive. If you only consider the cost of the materials, then the price of this parquet ranges from 1$ to 1.5$/sqft.

Chambers and rooms with low traffic do not require very resistant coatings. So you can consider entry-level laminate flooring.

Price of laminate flooring for living rooms

The cost of laminate flooring for living rooms square meter ranges from 3.5$ to 6$ . The price of supplies for laminate flooring for a living room ranges from $15 to $25/sqft.

A living room will require a resistant and good quality laminate parquet, because it is a room with more traffic even if it remains moderate.

Note that it is the wear layer integrated into the manufacturing process that will give your floor its resistant character. This wear layer will therefore be less sensitive to scratches, punctures, etc.

Price of a laminate parquet for floors with heavy traffic

The prices of laminate flooring for floors with high traffic range  from 4.5$ to 8.5$/sqft , all inclusive. Excluding installation, the price of laminate flooring of this type varies from $2.5 to $5/sqft.

Intensively used rooms, such as children’s bedrooms or rooms facing the outside, will require a very resistant laminate floor.

Price of laminate flooring for wet rooms

The price of laminate for wet rooms varies  from 40$ to 85$/sqft with installation. Not counting the installation, the cost of laminate flooring for water rooms ranges from $20 to $50/sqft.

There are laminate floors for wet rooms. These benefit from additional water-repellent protection compared to the classic laminate, in the form of a water-repellent panel or a vinyl or melanin resin.

More expensive than conventional laminate, laminate flooring for wet rooms remains more affordable than its engineered counterpart, a good alternative for controlling the price of a bathroom in the case of a global renovation.

Laying a parquet floor: The intervention of a professional

Installation techniques: Floating, nailed or glued

There are 3 installation techniques for parquet : floating installation, nailed installation and glued installation. All types of installation are not suitable for all parquet floors, can be technical and require the intervention of a professional.

Types of laying Features Recommended parquet
floating installation Quick
installation Limited
work Easy renovation
parquet Floating parquet (engineered)
Glued laying Possibility of underfloor heating
installation No joists
Solid parquet (10 to 20mm) Engineered
nailed pose Excellent lifespan
Easy repairs
Excellent insulation
Solid parquet all thicknesses

Note: these indicative rates, taken from various specialized sources, take current standards into account.

  • Floating installation: Perfect for a quick and easy installation, the floating installation is affordable for a particular do-it-yourselfer. It only concerns engineered and laminated parquet. Parquet strips are generally equipped with a clip system: all you have to do is lock the strips together without using nails or glue.
  • Glued installation: Glued installation concerns engineered parquet and solid parquet measuring between 10 and 20mm thick. It consists of gluing the parquet to a flat support. Two glued laying systems are possible: full glued laying which involves laying the glue with a notched trowel or laying glued to the cord which requires a glue gun. This quick installation is compatible with underfloor heating.
  • Nailed installation: Traditional method of laying solid parquet and more rarely engineered parquet, this type of installation consists of nailing the parquet strips perpendicularly to the joists and joists. You will need to choose solid or engineered parquet strips with a minimum thickness of 20mm. The nailed installation of parquet is very technical and will require the intervention of qualified craftsmen. It should be added that the nailed installation involves longer work, but offers an optimal lifespan, the possibility of easy repairs and excellent insulation.

Price for laying parquet: Cost of labor

The price of laying parquet will vary depending on the technique chosen and may need to involve some additional costs depending on the needs of your project.

Types of laying Average price per sqft Additional elements
floating installation 2$ to 3.5$ Patching (if needed)
Foam insulation
Vapor barrier
Glued laying 2.5$ to 4$ Patching (if necessary)
Insulating layer
nailed pose 3.5$ to 5$ Patching (if needed)

Note: these indicative rates, taken from various specialized sources, take current standards into account.

  • Floating installation: Floating installation is quick and easy. Nevertheless, the intervention of a floor worker will be synonymous with quality and durability. The price of laying a floating floor varies from 2$ to 3.5$/sqft .
  • Glued installation: The glued installation of your parquet floor must comply with the rules set out in the unified technical document (DTU) 51.2 of May 2009 so that your work is guaranteed. A parquet installer will know how to respect these rules and offer you a solid and durable parquet floor. A glued installation will cost you from 2.5$ to 4$/sqft .
  • Nailed installation: The nailed installation involves long and technical work. It will be necessary to call on a parquet professional for a perfect and durable installation. The price of laying a nailed parquet floor ranges from 3.5$ to 5$/sqft .
  • Additional work (insulation, vapor barrier, baseboards, quarter round, etc.): Each installation requires additional elements. So, if your floor is not smooth and/or level, you will need to patch it. While we strongly recommend the installation of a vapor barrier in damp rooms as well as in constructions in damp areas. For this additional work, there is an average labor cost ranging from $1.5 to $2.5/sqft .

The price of laying parquet varies from $2 to $3.5/sqft for a floating system, from $2.5 to $4 for a glued installation, and from $3.5 to $5 with nailed installation. The price of a laminate parquet goes from 3$ to 8.5$ (supplies and floating installation) while that of a glued parquet goes from 4$ to 15.5$ .

Get quotes: Specify the cost of your work

To precisely determine the cost of your parquet, it is necessary to have it quantified by a professional near you. We advise you to obtain several quotes in order to compare the rates and choose the craftsman who meets your expectations.

Completing a project of this type requires time, energy and skilled craftsmanship. To benefit from a professional installation and optimal durability, we advise you to call on the services of a parquet floor worker or a carpenter.

Examples of parquet quotes: Standard costing

In order to help you define a budget for your project, we offer some examples of parquet installation quotes.

Parquet quote: Laying engineered parquet

In the first example of quote, the work covers the removal of an old parquet floor and the supplies necessary for the installation of a 14mm thick engineered oak parquet floor over 750sqft; the installation is included for a price of 4,500$ .

Parquet quote: Installation of laminate parquet for a installer

Our second example of quote concerns the laying of laminated parquet in a 20sqft living room on a clean concrete screed, with insulating foam and vapor barrier. The price of this laying of parquet is 1000$ .

Parquet estimate: Solid parquet laid by a specialized craftsman

Finally, our third estimate proposes the removal of 140sqft of old parquet and the supply with installation, sanding and vitrification of a solid oak parquet for an estimate of $2,500 .

Additional costs for laying parquet

  • Removal of an old coating : If the installation of your parquet floor takes place within a renovation, it will certainly be necessary to remove an old coating. The original material will vary the price of the service (carpet, tiles, etc.). Beware of the possible presence of asbestos in the floor slabs, which would require the intervention of a specialized company.
  • Patching : Patching consists of leveling the floor on which you are going to lay the parquet floor: a very fine layer of mortar is added to make the defects of your floor disappear. The price of leveling will depend on the products used (self-leveling, self-leveling or fibre-reinforced).
  • Insulating foam : It is recommended, when laying parquet, to install an insulating underlay (for thermal insulation but also for sound insulation ). One of the most widely used underlays is polyethylene foam. It insulates against rising damp and limits impact noise.
  • Vapor barrier: The vapor barrier, also called vapor barrier, is an underlay allowing the insulation against humidity. It limits the penetration of humidity from the air towards the insulation. An essential additional cost, especially in wet rooms, as well as in constructions in wet areas.
  • Joists : The nailed installation of a solid parquet floor requires the installation of joists. Pieces of wood or composite material, the joists are fixed to the ground, parallel to each other. The laying will be carried out on a concrete screed on the ground floor (it may then be necessary to take into account the price of a screed ) or on joists upstairs. We will nail the blades of the solid parquet floor to the joists.
  • Skirting boards : Skirting boards allow you to mask the expansion joint left on the periphery in order to anticipate the inevitable expansion of the wood (the space left must measure at least 8mm). In addition, they will complete the aesthetics of your floor.
  • Door clearance : The installation of your parquet floor may have increased the height of your floor. In this case, it will be necessary to consider an additional cost: the stripping of the interior doors . This operation consists of cutting the lower part of the opening over its entire width in order to allow the free passage of air and therefore good ventilation.

Parquet maintenance cost

Type of maintenance Average price per sqft Recommended parquet Regularity
sanding 2$ to 4$ Solid parquet as desired
Engineered parquet 1 or 2 times
Every 10+ years
Vitrification 6.5$ to 8.5$ Solid and engineered parquet Every 10+ years
Oil/wax application 2.5$ to 3.5$ Solid and engineered parquet Annually
Paint 2.5$ to 4$ Solid and engineered parquet If needed
  • Sanding : Sanding a parquet floor removes wax, varnish, paint, traces and scratches. It is possible to sand a solid parquet floor at will, but only once or twice for an engineered parquet floor. Indeed, on the latter, where we will sand the wear layer, it will be necessary to take care with the thickness of this one. The wear layer of an engineered parquet floor measures 2.5mm minimum and up to 6mm for high-end floating floors It is considered that each sanding removes a maximum of 1mm of wood. It is usually needed every 10 years or so. In terms of costs, it will cost you between 2$ and 4$/sqft .
  • Vitrification : We will cover your parquet with a thin layer of transparent and waterproof vitrifier. This makes your parquet (laminated or solid) very resistant to scratches, dirt and water, and much easier to maintain. It is generally necessary to renew the vitrification operation every 10 years or more. The price of parquet vitrification is between 6.5$ and 8.5$/sqft .
  • Application of oil or wax : Engineered and solid floors can benefit from an oiled or waxed finish. Maintenance is quite demanding: the operation will have to be carried out in full every year. For a cost ranging from 2.5$ to 3.5$/sqft .
  • Painting : Engineered and solid parquet can be painted. To do this, you will have to choose between enhancing the grain of the wood with a transparent paint or completely changing the appearance of your parquet floor with a covering paint. It will take from 2.5$ to 4$/sqft .

Choose the aesthetics of your parquet flooring

  • English laying : A traditional pattern, the English laying consists of using parquet strips of equal width but of different lengths. These are arranged parallel, the joints are then staggered.
  • French laying: French laying uses planks of different widths and lengths. The blades are placed parallel to each other, the joints are offset. To approach the spirit of the wooden floor , favor more elongated planks.
  • Herringbone laying : Very elegant, the herringbone laying consists of laying the boards, of uniform dimensions, at right angles to each other.
  • Alternating laying: Alternating laying requires planks of identical length and width. The slats are then shifted over half a length.
  • Boat deck installation : Suitable for damp rooms, the “boat deck” parquet uses strips made from a wood that is naturally resistant to humidity or treated against humidity and glued with a black mastic joint between each of them. ‘they.

What are the standards for underfloor heating?

The only parquet installation suitable for underfloor heating is glued down. The unified technical document (DTU) 51.2 of May 2009 lists all the general rules concerning the laying of parquet floors to be glued, including the rules concerning the laying on low temperature underfloor heating :

  • Underfloor heating must be started at least 3 weeks before laying the parquet, then stopped 48 hours before, and gradually restarted a week later.
  • The humidity in the substrate must not exceed 2% when laying on underfloor heating.
  • The dimensions of solid parquet strips must not exceed a width of 90mm, except for parquet whose thickness is less than or equal to 14mm, where a tolerance allows a width of 130mm to be reached. Note that if the parquet manufacturer indicates another dimension for underfloor heating, this is the one that must be respected. On the other hand, in the absence of an indication, the DTU rule is followed.

What standards and labels for parquet floors?

  • NF EN 13-756, NF EN 13-488, NF EN 13-629, NF EN 13-990, NF EN 13-489 (generalist standards) : The NF EN 13-756 standard defines the concept of parquet (a coating of wooden floor with a wear layer of at least 2.5mm); standard NF EN 13-488 concerns mosaic parquet elements; standard NF EN 13-629 (for hardwood) and standard NF EN 13-990 (for softwood) deal with solid parquet; the NF EN 13-489 standard concerns engineered parquet.
  • NF EN 13-501-1 (fire resistance) : The NF EN 13-501-1 standard classifies parquet floors according to their fire resistance in 5 categories.
  • NRA : The New Acoustic Regulations (NRA) define the acceptable noise level in collective housing. Thus, the impact noise linked to a fall of an object or a shock must not exceed 58 decibels.
  • UPEC categories : The UPEC classification grades materials according to 4 criteria: U for wear, P for punching, E for water, C for chemistry. It does not apply to laminate floors.
  • Wood quality, traceability and ecology labels FSC, PEFC, TFT : The FSC label (Forest Stewardship Council) guarantees the sustainable management of forests, as does the PEFC label (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification), which essentially concerns European forests and hardwoods. Finally, the TFT label (The Forest Trust) guarantees the traceability of the wood.


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