Solar panels prices

In recent years, the price of solar panels has dropped significantly. Investing in an installation of solar panels means reducing your energy bill while participating in the energy transition! Take advantage of the best price.

In summary

  • Allow between 8,000 and 11,000 $ for a 3 kWp installation .
  • Allow between 11,000 and 16,000 $ for a 6 kWp installation .
  • Allow between 17,000 and 23,000 $ for a 9 kWp installation .
  • Attention, several elements will vary the price of your installation , get closer to our advisers to benefit from the best rates and advice !

Solar panels prices

Solar panel for home. You will find below a comparison of the price of solar panels , self-consumption premium deducted, practiced on the market for a 3 kWp installation . The amounts were reported by Ibuildcheapt customers or obtained from solar quotes or quote simulations made by our solar experts.

The average price charged by Ibuildcheap is $7,000 , knowing that the best prices we can offer can go below the $6,000 mark .

However, prices are not the only criterion to be taken into account. Thus, to provide individuals with the best possible quality/price ratio , Ibuildcheapt partner installers are handpicked according to:

  • their skills ;
  • the quality of the materials they use;
  • and of course their prices .

Also note that all partner installers are  (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment), a condition that must be met in order to be able to claim state aid such as the self-consumption premium.


Solar panel: price of an installation

What does the price of a solar installation depend on?

The price of solar panels varies according to several parameters such as:

  • the power of the installation;
  • the type of panel used ( monocrystalline or polycrystalline );
  • the performance of photovoltaic cells;
  • the installation technique on your roof: superimposed or integrated into the building;
  • the accessibility and coverage of your roof (tiles, slates, etc.);
  • the possible cost of the connection by Enedis ;
  • the configuration of the electrical installation already present.
Solar panel price of an installation
Solar panel price of an installation

Solar panel: price with the self-consumption premium

To help individuals but also professionals to switch to photovoltaic solar, aid has been put in place. The self-consumption premium reduces the price of solar panels . After application of this premium, the price of the solar panels can be returned to you at:


(and kWc)

Average price Total amount of the self-consumption premium* Amount after premium deduction
3 kWp $9,000 $1,290 $7,710
6 kWp $14,000 $1,920 $12,080
9 kWp $19,000 $2,880 $16,120

In addition, other aid devices are available to you (and for the most part can be combined) to further reduce your remaining dependents.


The influence of the type of installation on the price of an estimate

Regarding the price of the final quote, the most influential factors are the power of the installation and the way you want to install the photovoltaic panels on your roof.

If you choose building integration (IAB) , the price of your installation will be higher because the work to be undertaken is more substantial. Building integration is generally favored by owners who build their homes; the integration of the panels to your roof is then facilitated. However, the disadvantage of this type of installation is to promote water infiltration. Moreover, fewer and fewer professionals practice this method.

The other mode of installation solar panel is overlay . This is a less expensive solution and does not involve altering the roofs; the solar panels are simply placed on top, “superimposed”. On average, here is how much a solar installation costs :

  • between 2,200 and 2,800 euros per kWp (equipment + installation + administrative procedures) for the surcharge ;
  • between 2,700 and 3,500 euros per kWp (equipment + installation + administrative procedures) for building integration .

Despite the variables, we can come up with the following average estimate assuming that your home is built on one level and has interlocking tiles. These prices take into account the connection to the network and the cost of administrative procedures .

Remember that the price of solar panels is not evaluated according to the surface of the installation but according to its power in kWp. Indeed, two panels of different sizes can have the same power; it all depends on the technology used.

What is the price of a solar battery?

In total self -consumption , an installation is supposed to cover the electrical needs of a home on its own. This type of installation must therefore be equipped with a storage system to ensure the supply of electricity when sunlight is absent (at night or on days with bad weather). Adding a storage battery to the installation greatly increases the bill. Count between 500 and 1,000 $/kWh stored .

Solar panel for home
Solar panel for home

Solar panel: price of additional expenses to be expected

In budgeting for your project, there are certain (almost) invariable costs that apply to all solar panel users.

  • the TURPE or the Tariff for the Use of Public Electricity Networks . This tax is comparable to the royalty for television and makes it possible to remunerate the operators of the network, transport and distribution of electricity (RTE, Enedis and the local authorities). You will have to pay it every year. Depending on whether you choose the total sale to Solar OA solar of your electricity or only the surplus after self-consumption, the price of the TURPE varies. In self-consumption with sale of the surplus it amounts to $8.28 whereas in total sale, it is $34.32 ;
  • connection to the network : for cases of total sale and self-consumption, in which most installations are found, your solar panels will have to be connected to the network. The connection made by Enedis requires more or less large-scale work, the cost of which is included in the estimate for your solar panels , but for which you can get an estimate by visiting the Enedis site;
  • the inverter (electronic device that converts direct current from photovoltaic energy into alternating current ) is taken into account in the price of solar panels. Count between 1,000 and 2,000 $ , depending on the power of the inverter. You should also know that the inverters must be replaced every 10 years ;
  • maintenance : that’s the good news! The maintenance of solar panels requires very little effort and very few resources. The wind and the rain ensuring their cleanliness continuously! A cleaning every two to five years maximum is more than enough! If you live in a high-risk area (possible human, animal or plant pollution), you will need to monitor the cleanliness of your solar panels more precisely.

What aid to reduce the price of solar panels?

As solar energy enjoys the favor of public authorities, there are a range of devices aimed at reducing their prices and increasing the profitability of installations . Indeed, the law on energy transition for green growth of 2015 aims to see the share of renewable energies reach 32% in the French energy mix by 2030. Thus, all efforts in this direction are widely supported and encouraged with aid for solar energy.

Summary table of aid for the installation of solar panels

You will find in the table below a summary of the assistance available for the installation of solar panels .

Assistance Installation concerned
Self-consumption premium Photovoltaic, aerovoltaic and thermal installations
Solar OA feed-in tariff Photovoltaic, aerovoltaic and thermal installations
Reduced rate TAX Photovoltaic, aerovoltaic and thermal installations

with a power ≤ 3 kWp

MaPrimeRenov’ Aerovoltaic and thermal installations
CEE Aerovoltaic and thermal installations

Focus on aid dedicated to photovoltaic installations

The self-consumption premium

In the 2000s, solar panels were viewed by those installing them more as a financial investment than a renewable energy solution . At the start of the photovoltaic boom, individuals who installed solar panels on their roofs did not consume the electricity they produced.

They sold all of it to Solar OA Solaire , the Solar entity in charge of buying the electricity produced by the renewable energy electricity production facilities .

Due to the high purchase prices of the time, this solution was much more profitable than self- consumption , a practice now favored by users and which consists of consuming part of its photovoltaic electricity production and reselling a other party to Solar OA Solaire.

As we have seen above, users who choose this consumption model are awarded an annual bonus that increases the profitability of their solar panels and ultimately reduces the price of solar panels.

Powerful Premium self-consumption tariff per kWp*
≤ 3 kWp 430 $
≤ 9 kWp 320 $
≤ 36 kWp 180 $
≤ 100 kWp 90 $
≤ 500 kWp Not eligible

Solar panel feed-in tariffs

To encourage the development of photovoltaic installations, the State has also set up a scheme allowing photovoltaic producers to sell their electricity to Solar Obligation d’Achat at a preferential feed-in tariff set over a period of 20 years .

This mechanism makes it possible to generate a regular income and to make your investment profitable more quickly. The feed-in tariffs vary according to the nature, the power of the installation as well as the nature of your contract:

Powerful Solar OA feed-in tariff

Sale of surplus*

Solar OA feed-in tariff

Total sale*

≤ 3 kWp 0,10 $/kWh 0,2022 $/kWh
≤ 9 kWp 0,10 $/kWh 0,1718 $/kWh
≤ 36 kWp 0,06 $/kWh 0,1231 $/kWh
≤ 100 kWp 0,06 $/kWh 0,1070 $/kWh
≤ 500 kWp 0,1107 $/kWh** 0,1107 $/kWh**


TAX at 10%

When you purchase a solar kit, TAX applies to labor and installation. However, the power of your installation affects the percentage of TAX you will have to pay:

  • installation ≤ 3 kWp : TAX at 10% . But be careful, if your house is less than 2 years old, you will not be able to benefit from this reduced TAX;
  • for all installations whose power exceeds 3 kWp , the TAX then increases to 20 % . To see the price of solar panels drop, it is therefore more advantageous to carry out a project of 3 kWp rather than 3.2 kWp.
The profitability of a solar panel installation
The profitability of a solar panel installation


The profitability of a solar panel installation

What income can you get from your solar installation?

When you install solar panels on your roof, you have the option of choosing how you will use the energy produced. You can choose:

  • total self – consumption ;
  • self – consumption with sale of the surplus ;
  • of the total sale .

These three situations will allow you either to reduce the amount of your electricity bill by making total self-consumption or to derive an income from it with self-consumption with sale of the surplus and total sale.

Each configuration does not imply the same yields or the same returns on investment. To calculate the annual solar income of your panels, you can simply calculate the profitability of your solar panels using our solar simulator . This online tool allows you to receive a personalized quote and to know the profitability of your project.

The lifespan of a solar panel

While the warranty on solar panels is generally 25 years , the actual lifespan of an installation often exceeds 30 years and can even go up to 40 years ! Only its performance decreases over the years.

What is the return on investment of a solar installation?

The price of solar panels is a determining factor in the return on investment of your project. It is interesting to calculate the yield and the projected profitability of your solar panels before you start the work. If the estimated profitability is low, you may choose to carry out other energy performance work .

However, although it depends on sunshine, a classic project for a dwelling located in the south of France, with a well-oriented roof and an installation of 3 kWp planned for self- consumption has a return on investment of 10 at 12 years old .

With solar panels whose lifespan exceeds 25 years , you can thus benefit for more than 10 years from free electricity and regular income linked to the sale of production. Of course, the price of the panels directly influences the amortization of the solar installation . But this is not the only factor to consider. We must not forget:

  • the power of the solar panels (cell performance);
  • the level of sunshine in your area (affects yield);
  • the self- consumption rate (i.e. the share of the electricity produced which is consumed directly).

In general, if your installation has been sized and installed by a qualified professional, profitability will be achieved between 10 and 16 years . The variations being mainly due to geolocation.

Solar panel prices: compare quotes to get the best rates

Depending on your situation, your consumption habits and the expectations you have of your installation, the price of solar panels varies . It is therefore necessary that you go knock on the door of different photovoltaic installers in your area, that you draw up an estimate and that you compare it with other proposals for strictly similar or equivalent systems.

This process can be tedious and the risk of finding a fraudulent craftsman must be taken into consideration. To save time and be sure to deal with a competent installer, you can request your personalized quote with Ibuildcheapt .

Our solar experts select for you the RGE craftsmen of your department based on quality criteria. You will be able to benefit from a tailor-made service while taking advantage of the best price.

Why hire an EGR professional?

The RGE certification awarded to professionals makes it possible to highlight installers who comply with a quality charter for carrying out energy renoTAXion work . In addition, they will be able to advise you to find the solution best suited to your needs (power, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, brand, inverter or micro-inverter, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average price of solar panels?

Count approximately between $2,700 and $3,500 per kWp installed . A 4.5 kWp building – integrated installation for a 4-person household therefore costs between $10,800 and $14,400 , after deducting the amount of the self-consumption premium.

For the same installation but this time superimposed the price is lower. Around $ 8,600 to $11,300 after deduction of the self-consumption premium.

These prices include the material, the cost of labor as well as the administrative procedures inherent in any photovoltaic project.

What are the aids to reduce the price of solar panels?

In order to promote the energy transition , the State has set up a system of financial aid to support households in their solar project:

  • First of all, there is the self-consumption premium , the amount of which is directly linked to the peak power installed. For an installation of less than 3 kWp, the self-consumption premium is $390/kWp;
  • the State also reserves a reduced TAX of 10% ;
  • as well as MaPrimeRenov’ , aid paid by Anah (National Agency for Housing) and modulated according to income.

The condition to be met in order to be able to receive this financial aid is to call on an installer with the Recognized Guarantor of the Environment (RGE) label.

How to make your solar panels profitable?

There are several ways to make your solar panels profitable :

  • the first is to optimize its installation in order to make it as productive as possible. For this, the orientation of the panels, their inclination as well as their dimensioning must be taken into account. The more your panels help you save energy, the more profitable they will be;
  • the second way to quickly make your installation profitable is to sell the surplus electricity produced to an energy supplier. This solution allows you to consume your own electricity for free and receive regular income. How ? Thanks to the Solar Purchase Obligation scheme , for example, which allows you to sell your electricity to Solar at a fixed price over 20 years !

How to find the best price for solar panels?

To find a photovoltaic installation at the best price , nothing beats comparing the quotes made by installers. The best estimate is the one that finds the best combination between price , installation power , guarantees and customer service .

Of course, depending on your requirements, you can favor one or another criterion. How to make several solar quotes? You can use our Ibuildcheapt solar directory . It lists installers with the RGE label and allows you to make personalized quotes online . This way you can choose the solar installation at the best price!

If you don’t plan to spend too much money and are looking for cheap solar panels , you can turn to a solar kit to assemble yourself. This kind of device saves on labor costs; but does not cover all of its energy needs.

How much do solar thermal panels cost?

Photovoltaic panels are the most widespread installations. However, electricity is not the only energy that solar panels can produce. Solar thermal panels can indeed produce heat in the form of hot water.

Depending on the size and capacity of the installation, the price fluctuates on average between 5,000 and 18,000 $ . Combined solar installations , which provide both electricity and heat production, are of course the most expensive.

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