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Whether you decide to update the light fixtures or install ceramic tiles, you will give your bathroom a facelift, which will increase the value of the selling price of your home. If you decide to change your shower for a newer model or one with new features, be aware that this is a relatively delicate project and that it is strongly advised to call on a competent professional. Depending on the type of shower and the complexity of the project (modification of water inlets for example), the price of installing a shower can range from $1600 to more than $16000 . In this article, we present the various factors likely to impact the cost of such a project.

Price of installing a shower

types of shower

Italian shower
There are two main types of showers: single shower and tub/shower. The shower model has an influence on the selling price of your property. Some showers come with fancy options, but keep in mind that most potential buyers have kids and value convenience and functionality. In this case, a combined bath/shower will be an asset for sale, because this type of configuration will allow them to give their children baths as well as to shower them according to the desires of the day.

If you have a modestly sized bathroom, a simple shower enclosure is just fine. This shower model takes up less space and it is quite possible for you to give it a luxurious side by making simple arrangements. It is always easier to replace a tub / shower combo with a single shower because the latter takes up much less space. The reverse can be an expensive project as it will often be necessary to modify the water supply.

Combined bath / shower
The bathtub / shower models are an interesting installation allowing both to take a quick shower and to enjoy a moment of relaxation in a bath. The price range for a bath/shower combo is very wide and is between $300 and $2,500 depending on the options offered. For the installation of a bath/shower, allow a minimum of $500 to $1,000 for labor depending on the difficulties of the site (modification of the water supply, modification of the plumbing, etc.) . These models are usually made of fiberglass.


Diversity of styles – This type of shower comes in a wide variety of models, colors and prices, you will necessarily find the model that will correspond to your desires. There are bath/shower combinations in alcoves, free standing or recessed.
SUITABLE FOR ANY LIFESTYLE – Whether you’re more of a bubble bath or a quick shower, the tub/shower combo will meet all of your needs.
Space saving – Although a tub takes up more space than a single shower, the tub/shower combo helps to concentrate two features into one in one place. The modern design of these handsets optimizes the space used.
Easy to renovate – You can easily improve the aesthetic rendering of these units by laying a ceramic tile frieze or installing new fittings. Sometimes all you need to do is add new accessories to turn a classic tub/shower combination into a relaxing retreat!
Resale Value – When reselling your home, a tub/shower combo is sure to be a big draw for potential buyers. Families with children will appreciate this type of installation for its safety while couples will benefit from its practicality.

Complex plumbing system – This type of installation combines two functions, therefore plumbing work can be somewhat more complex than a simple shower. You will certainly be able to carry out some repairs yourself, but the services of a competent plumber will guarantee you a reliable result (watch out for water damage if you start plumbing work alone!).
Less Eco-Friendly – ​​As the name suggests, the tub/shower combo makes it possible to take baths. Think about your ecological footprint when you take a bath because the amount of water consumed (150L to 200L) is much greater (30L to 80L for a five-minute shower).
Accessibility – Elderly or disabled people may have some difficulty getting into the bathtub (edge ​​to step over), so this type of installation is more dangerous than a simple shower where the risk of slipping and getting hurt is less.

Bath/shower renovation
It’s relatively simple to breathe new life into a tub/shower combo. You can re-enamel or repaint an old or damaged tub. You must first repair the enamel with a two-component epoxy putty or one adapted to the material of your bathtub, repaint the bathtub and apply a coat of finishing resin. Plan a budget of $50 to $90 for the materials and around $450 if you plan a professional re-enamelling. Depending on the configuration of your bathroom, it is also possible to install a mosaic frieze or wall tiles ($10/m² to $40/m²), earthenware ($15/m² to $50/m²), natural stone ($15/m² to $75/m²) or porcelain ($100/m² to $300/m²) to radically change the look of your bathroom. You can also replace your light fixtures. Most are chrome plated plastic. You can opt for brushed nickel or gold-plated fittings to bring a new atmosphere to your bathroom. Finally, you can replace your shower curtain with a glass shower screen. Not only will it be easier to maintain, but it will bring more depth to the room. This will avoid unpleasant contact with a sticky shower curtain.

single shower
The single shower is the perfect installation in a moderate to small bathroom. This model is particularly popular with young couples. They are sometimes equipped with special features that make them a luxury item. An entry-level shower cabin model costs around $200 . Depending on the options offered, some models can reach $1,500. Count around $1000  to have a decent quality shower cubicle. The cost of installing a shower cubicle is around $450, but again this amount varies according to the hourly cost of labor as well as the distance and complexity of the site.

Cost-effectiveness – As mentioned earlier, the amount of water used for a shower is much less than when taking a bath. You can further improve performance by installing a water flow regulator.
Simple Installation – These type of showers install quite easily, either in a corner or along a wall.
Safety – This type of installation is ideal for the elderly or disabled (no edges to step over).

Resale value – Experts believe that a bathroom with a bathtub adds value to your property. If your home has only one bathroom and you decide to replace the bathtub with a simple shower, even a quality one, know that you are probably losing out.
Mold – Mold tends to grow in these types of showers. Careful maintenance is necessary to ensure the longevity of the installation.
In recent years, walk-in showers have become very popular. Lightening the room, they have a practical side offering great freedom of movement. Their easy maintenance is an undeniable asset. The installation represents a much larger investment than for a conventional shower. Count between $6,000 and $15,000 for installation by a professional.

Renovation of a shower
Why not consider changing the interior lining of your shower, for example by laying wall or floor tiles? You can also use different types of tiles or colors between the shower base and the rest of the bathroom for a contrasting effect.

Do not hesitate to replace the light fixtures as well as the faucets to create a different atmosphere and give your bathroom a makeover. The installation of hydromassage nozzles or a column with massage jets will be a great asset.

You can make most of these improvements yourself. Plan a budget of between $200 and $500 depending on the options chosen.

Price of installing a shower: laying ceramic tiles in a shower
Attractive and affordable, ceramic bathroom tiles are on trend. There are endless models, patterns and colors that you can combine to create a unique and sensational set. You can turn to industrial-grade ceramics or to artisanal ceramics, which are more irregular, but no less devoid of charm. It is possible to combine the two styles to highlight the singularities of the elements.

Ceramic tiles come in different sizes, large format tiles are currently trending and offer the advantage of reducing the work on the joints. The effect is more uniform and their installation is faster. Large tiles tend to bring an effect of openness, grandeur, while small tiles have a more reductive effect and draw attention to detail. Small tiles also provide better adhesion. The price per square meter is variable, between $20 and $120. If you are not a professional tiler, we recommend that you have it laid according to the rules of the art for a harmonious and successful rendering, count between $30 and $50 per square meter for the installation.

Price of installing a shower: shower screen
It’s up to you to see according to your personal preferences if you prefer a curtain or a shower screen. Each solution has an interest. A shower screen has clean lines. Shower curtains have a more welcoming side and are particularly suitable for small spaces. However, they are more difficult to maintain and must be replaced regularly.

There are two types of shower enclosures: framed and frameless. When present, the outer structure is usually made of a very light metal. The walls can be sliding or pivoting. Regular maintenance of the rails is necessary because water tends to accumulate there. With a more modern or open look, frameless walls are easier to clean.

Note that it is quite possible to install a shower screen in a combined bath / shower.

Shower enclosures come in a variety of materials. You will certainly find a model that will match the style of your bathroom:

Transparent glass: smooth and transparent, allows maximum light penetration.
Frosted glass: for more privacy, wide choice of colors and patterns.
Textured glass: textured on one side, provides privacy, hides fingerprints and traces of water drying.
Tinted glass: comes in various degrees of opacity, the coloring brings a warm side to the room.
Hammered glass: bears marks creating a visual effect with plays of light.
The price of a shower screen varies according to the brand, model and finishes. Count from $100 to $350 on average and $120 to $250 for installation by a professional. There are also rounded or corner shower screens, it’s up to you to decide which options best suit your budget and your desires.

Price of installing a shower: other fittings
A simple upgrade is sometimes enough to radically change the look of your shower and give it a more luxurious and modern feel. For example, you can start by changing the shower tray. Entry-level options are quite affordable, around $100. Some models perfectly imitate luxury materials. Allow between $300 and $600 for high-end options (in natural stone, for example).

You can also replace your bath with a whirlpool bath equipped with massage jets. Such an installation requires some maintenance but its benefits largely justify the effort required. The prices are extremely variable, from $1200 to nearly $7000 depending on the models and brands. The cost of installation will depend on the complexity of the structure.

Installing a shower column is a luxury choice. You will rediscover the benefits and pleasures of a real shower. The presence of multiple jets is not a revolution in itself, but it is only recently that this solution has become relatively affordable. Some high-end models are programmable, others offer light effects and/or aromatherapy. Depending on the options offered, prices vary from $300 to several thousand euros for the most elaborate systems.

Do not hesitate to improve the practical side by installing small shower shelves for your soaps and shampoos. This very affordable upgrade will make your life easier. You can get this kind of accessories from $10.

Install or modify an aerator
A ventilation system is essential to ensure good air circulation and the evacuation of humidity. You will greatly limit the appearance of mold. Most modern homes are equipped with a VMC (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation). Installing a VMC on an older home is tricky. It is therefore preferable to opt for an aerator or air extractor.

Installing an aerator is a relatively simple process. The device is connected to a specific duct connected to the attic. Some models are equipped with a non-return valve to prevent the entry of unwanted cold air. To choose your aerator, you must take into account the volume of your bathroom, the power of the device as well as its noise level when it works. The high range for this kind of installation is $500. The installation is relatively quick (one to three hours) and will cost you between $45 and $60 per hour if you decide to hire a professional. Note that electrical skills are necessary because the device must be connected to the electrical network of the house.

Price of installing a shower: conclusion
Essential, the shower and the bath can be transformed into a soothing and relaxing retreat. Although the bathroom is generally one of the smallest rooms in a home, the fact remains that it is of considerable importance for resale. By taking an interest in the installation of your shower, you can therefore bring considerable added value to your property.



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