What is the price of decorative paint work

Do you want to repaint your home, inside and/or outside? Paint is the ideal coating for all decorative desires. Note that painters apply two different types of rates: either the rate per hour (or hourly rate), or the rate per sqft. The Ibuildcheap experts enlighten you on the price of painting work per sqft.

Price of painting work per sqft, more precise information

House painters apply either an hourly rate or a rate per sqft. If professional painters charge by the hour, then they must estimate the length of time needed to complete the painting job. This depends in particular on each square meter to be painted. In practice, this is not always very reliable data and depends on many often unforeseen elements.

The calculation of the cost of painting work per sqft is therefore much more precise since it consists of taking into account the surface to be painted. So you pay the right price based on the paint area.


What is the price of decorative paint work (glycero or acrylic paint) by a painting company specializing in renovation and interior decoration work? The average prices depend in particular on the type of paint (matte, gloss), labor (supply and installation) and the preparation of the walls (in particular washing before application of the paint, sanding). Without forgetting the importance of the finishes on the walls and ceilings.

Price of painting work
Price of painting work


Price criteria to calculate your painting budget

The lifespan of a wall paint like a ceiling paint depends on several criteria. From a certain number of years you must therefore renovate your paintwork and give it a little youthfulness.

To calculate your painting budget, you must take certain elements into account, which are obviously not exhaustive:

  • The type of support and its nature . Is it a question of painting a wall or a ceiling? The ceiling is more difficult to paint and requires additional tools such as a telescopic roller (with or without integrated tank). Also specify if your walls are plaster or if the professional must repaint the tiles. Repainting plaster will cost you less in practice compared to painting on tiles, which is specific for this type of coating
  • The general condition of the supports to be painted . The painting budget depends greatly on the condition of the supports. If your walls are in very poor condition, the painter will generally have to remove old coatings before being able to paint. He will sometimes have to repair the surfaces, in particular with filler or smoothing filler, before being able to apply the paint. This therefore represents additional work which must be taken into account.
  • The furniture to protect in the house. If the rooms to be repainted are completely empty, this is preferable since it is not necessary to protect the furniture beforehand.
  • The type of paint . There are a plethora of different types of paints. Some are classic and will cost less, while others are special (concrete effect, ecological paint, epoxy, water repellent, thermal insulation paint). If you prefer one type of paint over another, do not hesitate to specify it to the professional. In the absence of any precision, the painter chooses the best type of paint suitable for each room. The professional will give you the best advice, for example to paint a damp room . For comparison, epoxy paint will cost you $2 per sqft on average, while vinyl paint costs $1 per sqft on average.

Price criteria for interior painting

Do you want to repaint the interior of your home? How to proceed to determine the budget to foresee? It is either to refresh your walls, or your ceilings, or both in an interior renovation process. It takes about $3 per sqft for interior painting.

Here is a summary table with examples of prices for each type of painting service.

Type of painting service Average price per sqft
Classic painting on a wall in good condition $2.30
Painting on a ceiling of 200 sqft $500
Painting a 150 sqft kitchen (ceiling and walls) €120
Application of concrete effect paint $1.5
Painting a wall in good condition with a special paint $4
Classic painting on a wall in poor condition $4.5

Note that paint applied to the ceiling costs more than paint on the walls. This is due to the greater difficulty of access to this area in particular. We advise you to call on a painting professional, in particular to avoid common scams on private painting sites.

Preparing the substrate before painting

Calculating the price of painting work also means taking into account the work of preparing the substrate. Such preparation is essential before undertaking the painting itself. Depending on the general condition of the walls and ceiling, you need to make some preparations:

  • fill holes and cracks with filler, before sanding everything with a more or less fine grain
  • sand the walls with some irregularities. The objective is to be able to paint on a straight wall without roughness
  • install plasterboard when the walls are very irregular or sufficiently damaged. In this case the bill may increase quite quickly
  • take off an old coating such as wallpaper or tiles. Knowing that removing wallpaper will cost you around $0.7 per sqft, while removing tiles will cost you around $1 per sqft.
  • provide the underlayer that always precedes the following layers
  • think of all the materials you need, such as a spray gun, rollers and brushes. If you call on a professional painter, he already has all the necessary equipment, so you don’t have to provide it.
  • protect your furniture against paint spray.
Price of painting work-the cost of labor
Price of painting work-the cost of labor
Price of painting work: the cost of labor

A painter freely determines his price depending on the total area to be repainted. Count around $3 per sqft, if your painting work is simple. At this rate, the painter cleans the walls and applies two coats of paint. For the painting of the ceiling, count then rather $3.5 per sqft on average, for a ceiling which does not present major asperities.

If the media requires repairs, the price increases. Also note that if you use an interior designer or a professional decorator, you will have to pay additional fees on the price of the painting work. This is usually a percentage of 12% of the total paint budget.

If you want to repaint your home but you do not have the sufficient budget, be aware that there is financial aid for the renovation of your paintings .


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