price of a plumber

A leak in a pipe fitting that costs pennies can easily cause thousands of dollars in damage and disrupt your household for weeks. You should also know that not all plumbers are able to solve this type of problem. Some specialize in emergency repairs, others take on renovation and modernization projects.

According to the data collected by the users of, the average price of a plumber’s intervention is between 150 and $400 . The hourly rate of a plumber can range from 40 to $140, depending on the type of work, the time of day or the place of intervention. Various services are possible: cleaning of drains, replacement or installation of a faucet, repair of toilets.

Thus the general term “plumbing” refers to a multiplicity of interventions. A plumber can do a variety of jobs, including fixing leaky faucets or installing a sump pump. He can also install your water heater or add a sink to your garage. It intervenes in all the rooms of the house (bathroom, kitchen) according to your needs. Just make sure it’s insured to avoid unexpected costs. If the plumber needs to cut drywall to repair your plumbing, make sure this is included in the quote and includes repairing the wall after the job is complete.

Price of a plumber

While plumbing is not necessarily a difficult job to do, it does require in-depth knowledge. Knowledge of technical codes is essential, but it is above all know-how and experience that matter. This will let you know how far you can push on a PVC pipe before it cracks. This level of know-how prevents you from turning a $10 repair into a repeated disaster.

Be prepared to respond to urgent situations by contacting a plumber before you need their services. If possible, hire a plumber for non-emergency repairs or for installations and fixtures during daytime hours. You’ll have a better chance of getting a quick response from him if you’re a regular customer rather than a panicky stranger who calls him on a Saturday night after 8 p.m. to fix a leaky drainpipe in your basement.


Price of a plumber: choose your plumber
When making your choice, ask the plumber for proof of their professional qualification. In most countries, plumbers must have a license, and provide a phone number that you can call to verify the validity of this license, and the absence of complaints or complaints relating to this provider.

Any qualified plumber must also have taken out a professional insurance policy and a civil liability insurance of a minimum amount of €400,000. Permits are issued nationally and the independent licensing body must be able to confirm the legitimacy of the plumber. Ask the plumber if he has obtained a certificate or taken updated training from a professional association.

Price of a plumber: repair difficulties
The rule of thumb for all projects requiring work is that the cost of labor is proportional to the time required and the difficulty of the job. Depending on the type of work, it is possible to call on inexperienced plumbers. Other more demanding jobs, to be properly executed, require an experienced professional. So plan a budget that covers not only labor and travel costs, but also the materials required.

Most plumbers’ interventions are related to emergency situations. After-hours repairs are much more expensive than a mid-day appointment.

Price of a plumber and his intervention: other factors to include in the costs
In addition to labor and materials, costs are to be expected for the possible repair of water damage, if necessary. You may need to replace the carpet, repair the drywall or modify the wiring to restore your home to its original state.

In the event of a sewer problem, plan for cleaning and restoration costs according to hygiene standards, to guarantee the health safety of the occupants. You may have to have tree roots extracted (and therefore excavated in your garden) or hard-to-reach pipes replaced.


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