Price of a bathroom

Does your bathroom no longer meet your needs or the aesthetic codes of your house or apartment? Is the renovation of your bathroom inevitable? In this special bathroom price guide, discover the different work items that will make up your quote.

We explain the prices in detail:

  • depending on the surface of your bathroom,
  • the type of work to be carried out,
  • product lines,
  • of the various elements to be installed,
  • installation cost…

We will also see how some owners can bring down the price of their new bathroom thanks to advantageous financial aid.

The different factors that determine the price of your bathroom project

The price of the bathroom will depend on several parameters. Some we all have in mind, such as the choice of sanitaryware, furniture or coverings. Others are more difficult to understand, this is particularly the case with the price of installing technical networks, and the cost of installation when the bathroom turns out to be atypical, a work item that could be called difficulties installation.

Finally, for a bathroom renovation, the price per ftm² will be strongly impacted by the surface of your room . Indeed, the costs related to the modification of networks and installation of equipment do not vary, they are fixed, hence a decreasing price the larger your bathroom.


The average prices recorded by type of work

There may be several reasons that lead us to review the layout of the bathroom in our house or apartment.

  • For some it is simply a matter of taste. The bathroom is no longer visually suited to what they are looking for, so it needs to be given a facelift, refreshed.

  • For others, the bathroom is not functional, it does not allow good circulation, lacks storage, is not adapted to the age of the occupant… It is then necessary to renovate!

  • Finally, the individual may need to create a new bathroom, he then starts from scratch, with the need to install the technical networks essential to the realization of the bathroom.

Depending on the reason for the work, the price of your bathroom project will be more or less important . The different prices given below are an average generally noted for bathrooms of 6 m².

To budget more accurately for your bathroom renovation, we invite you to discover in this file the different items of work and their price. And to know the price of your new bathroom, you can turn to our free online costing tool.

Price to refresh your bathroom

Refreshing means changing an old shower cubicle with a new one, installing a new washbasin, renovating the floor tiles and painting the ceiling. It is therefore a question of replacing old elements, without however needing to touch the technical network or the structure of the ducts.

This type of work is recommended if your desire for change responds above all to an aesthetic desire . Among the requests most often made for the refreshment of a bathroom are:

  • The replacement of old sanitary facilities, such as a pedestal sink that you wish to swap for a washbasin cabinet. An option that will save storage space in the bathroom.

  • Change an old shower cabin with doors that have become feverish with one of the more modern cabins, imitating the very trendy walk-in showers at a lower cost.

  • The renovation of the tiling on the floor can be carried out in three distinct ways. For the lowest price, repainting the tiling may be offered, but the result is often disappointing. You can also lay new tiles without removing the old coating. Everything will then depend on the technical possibility. Finally, the most complete way, but also the most expensive: remove the old coating and replace it with new tiling.

  • Painting the ceiling will make it possible to restore the shine to the bathroom, to erase the traces of wear, and to perhaps choose a product more suitable for the parts of water to avoid stains of humidity.

For the refreshment of a bathroom, the price observed is on average $600 per m².


Bathroom renovation cost

By complete renovation of the bathroom, we mean the replacement of a bathtub by the installation of a shower or walk-in shower, the installation of a new sink, the renovation of the tiling on the floor and on the wall, the painting of the ceiling, the installation of a new WC; and taking care of minor plumbing jobs.

Thus, unlike refreshing, the renovation of a bathroom will make it possible to rework the structure, the layout of the bathroom, with modifications to the water inlets . Bathroom renovation is mostly requested by individuals when the space no longer meets their expectations. A lack of space, an inability to circulate efficiently, or even installations that have become too difficult to use, are all excellent reasons to think about renovating your bathroom.

The price of a bathroom renovation takes into account:

  • The replacement of certain elements, such as switching from a bathtub to a shower.

  • Move elements, such as the sink.

  • Replace old toilets with a wall-hung model.

  • Replace the flooring with new tiles.

  • Give the ceiling a makeover with a new paint dedicated to the water features.

  • Simple plumbing work carried out on pipes and/or water inlets.

  • Small electrical work such as changing lighting, creating a new light point, or installing switches or sockets.

As mentioned above, the price of renovation per square meter of a bathroom is very strongly linked to the surface area of ​​the latter, the plumbing and equipment installation work being fixed and therefore better amortized on a bathroom. large surface bath.

Price of a bathroom - Cost Calculator Bathroom
Price of a bathroom – Cost Calculator Bathroom

Price for the creation of a new bathroom

The creation of a new bathroom takes care of all the items necessary for the implementation of the new water feature: the creation of a walk-in shower, painting and tiling needs, heating , plumbing or the installation of suspended toilets.

We go through the creation of a bathroom when we want to drastically change the comfort of an existing bathroom or to create a new bathroom: the renovation is then global and complex. The price of creating a bathroom will largely depend on the desired level of range.

Here are the equipment that can be taken into account for the creation of a new bathroom:

  • Installing a walk-in shower. Without any threshold, the walk-in shower is aesthetic, but also suitable for people with reduced mobility and seniors. The walk-in shower requires major work, both plumbing and masonry.

  • The installation of a large basin or double basin.

  • Installation of wall hung toilets. Much appreciated for their aesthetics, they nevertheless require more work than a conventional toilet, with in particular the creation of a niche to integrate the support frame or formwork to hide it.

  • The installation of a standard bath or a balneotherapy bath. Many individuals, when creating a bathroom, opt for the installation of a shower and a bathtub.

  • The installation of underfloor heating: pleasant, economical, underfloor heating is becoming a major trend in homes and bathrooms, where the coldness of the tiles can be unpleasant to the feet once out of the shower.

  • Complete plumbing work: when creating a new bathroom or completely redesigning it, new water inlets and outlets will have to be created.

  • The installation of new coverings on the wall, on the floor or on the ceiling.

For the project of a new bathroom, with the latest innovations, the price can exceed $2500 per square meter.

Price of a bathroom according to the equipment: what to expect on the estimate?

The different prices indicated below include supply and installation. These are the average prices recorded including VAT.

For plumbing work, prices are most often fixed and may vary depending on the region.

For electrical work, the prices displayed take into account the supply of switches, sockets or lights and a number of standard electrical points corresponding to the electrical standard in force.

For the different equipment, sanitary types, such as the bathtub, the shower tray, the basin, the prices will also depend on the materials of the element. A resin bathtub will cost much less than a fiberglass bathtub, for example. On the shower side, it is the receiver who will make all the difference on the price displayed on the estimate. Again, ceramic shower trays, enamelled stoneware or marble will not display the same prices.

Bathrooms: zoom on the price of the implementation

The price of your bathroom installation project will partly depend on the cost of labor. Professionals will not display the same prices depending on your region. You will also see different prices between professionals in the same sector. This is why it is always advisable to obtain several quotes, ideally three, before making your choice .

Obviously the price should not be the only criterion for choosing between the different professionals. Do not hesitate to ask for photos of achievements, to consult the various opinions available on the internet, and to check the financial health of the company.

You can also go through our matchmaking service. Maison Saint-Gobain has pre-selected qualified professionals, recognized for their know-how, in many regions of France.

  • Price of a plumber: it is the professional that you cannot do without for the renovation or the creation of a bathroom. Plumbing in poor condition and your whole project goes down the drain. Count on the estimate an average labor price of $50 per hour. Some professionals may charge fixed prices depending on the size of your project.

  • Price of a tiler: laying the tiles on the floor and on the wall is a particularly time-consuming step. The cost of labor here will depend on the choice of coating, the installation technique, but also on the possible removal of existing coatings, as part of a renovation. On average, the professional will show in the estimate a labor cost of $50 per hour.

  • Price of a painter: for a painter count on average $30 per hour. If the work is important, the professional can offer you a fixed price.

  • Price of an electrician: the price of an electrician’s labor is generally around $45 per hour.

On the quotes of these professionals, parts and materials apart, you will see different lines added, such as travel costs, or waste collection, or site cleaning.

Bathroom renovation: additional costs

You must plan other work for the complete renovation of a bathroom:

  • Partition: if you are creating a new bathroom, or if the renovation is very important, your estimate will then be increased by the price of the plasterboard which will come to dress the partitions and/or the apron of the bathtub. Depending on the plasterboard chosen, the price of the installation can move at the margin. A budget that will also have to be adjusted taking into account the finishes.

  • Ventilation: a poorly ventilated bathroom is a bad start. It is important to ensure the installation of a VMC or its renovation in the case of an old bathroom. If it is a creation without an existing conduit, the cost may be significant.

  • The towel dryer: it is used in new bathrooms as a radiator. There is a large number of towel dryers, electric, water, connected, ultra flat… Prices can vary from simple to double.

We could list other ancillary works indefinitely, because here everything will depend on your bathroom project. For example, for a bathroom open to a bedroom, you will have to add the cost of demolishing the partition or the walls.

It may also be necessary to create a new opening. The creation of windows will therefore have to be added to the price of the estimate for your bathroom.

Finally, you will also have to attach to the estimate the various additional bathroom furniture that you may need: medicine cabinet, shelves, hanging furniture…. All the additional decorative elements that will make your bathroom a comfortable room.

How to reduce the price of your bathroom thanks to financial aid?

Good news, even if all the owners cannot benefit from all the aids, there are several open to all. Obviously, all these aids are subject to several conditions, the one that is common to all is the carrying out of the work by a professional .

  • Available to everyone: VAT at a reduced rate. For all, hear for all renovations. If you’re doing a bathroom as part of a build, that doesn’t work. In the case of a renovation the VAT drops to 10%. A possible discount if your house or apartment has been completed for more than 2 years.

  • MaPrimeRénov’: if the renovation of the bathroom involves replacing the water heater with thermodynamic equipment, changing radiators, replacing windows or even thermally insulating the walls, you can request MaPrimeRénov’. The total amount will depend on the work undertaken and your income.

  • Bonuses: heating or insulation, these bonuses can help partially finance your new bathroom radiators or the insulation of the room.

  • VAT at 5.5%: here it concerns works affecting only the energy efficiency of your bathroom and the work involved: installation of a thermodynamic water heater, renovation of a ventilation system, insulation of walls and openings (in this case, repainting is part of the work involved, for example) … The work must be carried out by an RGE professional, and be carried out in a dwelling completed more than 2 years ago.

  • The zero-rate eco-loan: it does not reduce the bill, but allows you to finance part of your bathroom renovation with a zero-rate loan. The work must concern energy comfort. This Eco-PTZ is an aid that is not subject to an income condition. On the other hand, your accommodation must be completed for more than 2 years, it must be your main residence, and the amount will depend on the work to be carried out.

  • Accessibility tax credit: this aid is reserved for people with disabilities, requiring the installation of new accessibility equipment. Aid that can reach 5,000 euros for a single person, and 10,000 for a couple. To benefit from it, you must have a disability pension of 40% or more, have the “mobility inclusion” card and benefit from the personalized autonomy allowance. The accessibility tax credit can finance the installation of raised toilets, an extra-flat shower tray, a height-adjustable sink, etc. Or any other equipment dedicated to accessibility and safety in the bathroom. .

  • Anah’s Helpers: There are two that can fit into a bathroom renovation project. The first concerns seniors, it is the Living Easy program. It is conditional on resources, on the level of loss of autonomy and your home must have been built for at least 15 years. If you meet the conditions, this aid can finance up to 50% of the price excluding tax displayed on the estimate. Work should focus on accessibility.
    The second possible help with the Anah is aimed at the most modest households, it is the “Living healthy” program. It allows to renovate the plumbing networks, to install new toilets or a new bathroom. This aid is capped at $10,000, and can cover up to 50% of the price excluding VAT displayed on the estimate.


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