How much does a wooden house cost

Cost calculator. You have decided to build a wooden house, but you wonder what budget you should plan for this project. Discover the different types of wooden houses, their advantages and the price of each of them.

The price of different types of wooden houses

In reality, there is not one wooden house, but several types of wooden houses. There are not only different shapes and styles, but also different construction techniques that cause prices to vary considerably. It is therefore imperative to distinguish between these different constructions, in order to best assess their cost.


The price of wooden houses in kit and self-construction

When you have the project to build a wooden house, it can be tempting to turn to self-construction . Indeed, wooden houses have met with such success that various companies now offer the sale of wooden houses in kit form that can be assembled by yourself. Certainly easier to build than a concrete house, the wooden house still requires knowledge and some experience, especially since this construction meets a legal framework, namely standards and regulations to be respected. In addition, you do not benefit from any guarantee in the event of damage. If you are not a seasoned handyman, it is therefore wiser to turn to professionals. On the other hand, it is obvious that the price of wooden houses in kit form is attractive, since it is necessary to count from $35/sqft . Thus, you can count on the following average prices for a 1500 sqft house:

  • $52,500 for an entry-level house.
  • A mid-range model will cost around $75/sqft, or $112,500.
  • Count $140 sqft, or $210,000 for a top-of-the-range model.
How much does a wooden house cost
How much does a wooden house cost

The price of turnkey timber frame houses

If you opt for security, call on a professional specialist in wooden houses , who will offer you different models, different plans and who can accompany you in your project from start to finish. On average, you will have to count on the following prices for a house made by a builder:

  • Prices start at $70/sqft for an entry-level wooden house.
  • You should count around $120 for a mid-range house.
  • A top-of-the-range wooden house will cost you around $300 /sqft.
Help to build a wooden house

Be aware that by choosing a wooden house, you will unfortunately not be able to claim the eco-PTZ system, or subsidies issued by Anah, by energy suppliers or still to the tax credit for energy renovation . On the other hand, it is possible for first-time buyers to  take out a PTZ  (zero interest loan), granted according to conditions of resources and the composition of your household. He will only be able to finance part of the cost of the construction, and this must be your main residence. The most modest households can also claim the PAS (social accession loan), which can however fully finance the construction.

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