How long to redo the electricity of a house

Carrying out electrical work at home: your priority this year! But without knowledge and pressed for time, touching an electrical installation can be long and complex. How long does electrical work take to redo the electricity in a house? In principle, the duration of your electricity project depends on the nature of your work (new housing or renovation), but also on the dilapidation of your existing electrical installation, between replacing the switchboard, equipment and drawing new electrical lines. 

Duration of electrical work for an entire dwelling: how long?

Before defining the duration of your electrical work, it is advisable to separate:

  1. Work carried out in a new home
  2. Work carried out as part of the renovation of a house or apartment (generally longer than in a new building).

New housing: how long for electrical work?

Need to carry out electrical work in your new home? Good news, the site of a new construction promises to be simpler than a renovation site. You start from scratch, without constraints (or almost) of piping, plumbing, bleeding, masonry… Ideally, the electrician and the plasterer must coordinate their actions.

Here is an indication of the time required for electrical work in a new house of 900 sqft :

  • 3 days to draw all the networks in the house (light, sockets, washing machine, hob, electric heating, etc.)
  • 1 to 2 days to carry out the wiring of the electrical panel and the communication box
  • 2 days to install equipment, junction boxes, lamps with lighting connection device (DCL), etc.
  • 2 days for the finishes and to do all the necessary tests


In all, approximately 8 to 10 days will be necessary (depending on the deadlines) for a new electrical installation of a new home, carried out by a professional .

how long for electrical work
how long for electrical work

Renovation: how long to redo the electricity of a house?

In the case of a renovation of an existing dwelling, it is advisable to differentiate the work carried out in apparent from the electrical work carried out in recessed.

built-in electrical renovation is particularly time-consuming and time-consuming to carry out. For good reason, this work requires drilling grooves in the walls to pass the electric cables, recoat the walls and repaint them.

Less constraining and generally less tedious, exposed electrical renovation work however requires time: to draw marks, measure the right angles, install junction boxes, pass wires through moldings, etc.

An existing house (about 900 sqft) whose electricity needs to be completely renovated thus requires a minimum of 10 days of work, depending on the method used . Remember that the duration of the work depends mainly on:

  • Surface area and number of rooms in the house
  • The state of the electrical panel and the number of rows and modules required
  • Linear meter of power lines to be pulled
  • The number of devices (sockets, switches, DCL boxes)
  • The method of installation (embedded electrical cables or surface mounting).

Do you lack electrical know-how? Entrust your electrical renovation work to a professional!

How long does it take to change an electrical panel?

Unfortunately, the components and equipment of your electrical panel have a finite lifespan . In order to comply with current electrical standards, you will need to replace your electrical panel , its circuit breakers and other modules.

What exactly should be replaced?

  • A fused distribution board is not up to standard and can present an electrical risk for the occupant, just like common neutral boards (currently prohibited).
  • Some modules may also have faults due to long-term use (day/night contactor, remote dimmer, etc.).
  • Finally, the NF C 15-100 electrical standard provides for mandatory modules depending on your geographical location. This is the case of the lightning arrester.

Put together, all these actions take time and increase the workload of an electrician.

It takes an average of half a day’s work to replace a 3-row painting (house with 3 or 4 rooms, 900 sqft). Depending on the parts to be changed and the condition of your board, it will therefore take between 2 and 10 hours of work to install a new one.

Electricity renovation price
Electricity renovation price
How much does it cost to redo the electricity?

If each site is unique, it is still possible to determine the average price of an electrical safety.

It is estimated that an electrical renovation with exposed installation costs around $10 including tax/sqft, compared to $13 including tax/sqft for a semi-recessed finish . Finally, plan around $15 incl. tax sqft for a completely built-in safety device .

What is the lifespan of an electrical installation?

As we specified earlier, your electrical installation and its components have a more or less defined lifespan, depending on where your panel and your electricity meter are installed . A place that is too humid could damage the components of your installation. Quite rightly, the installation of a distribution board in a bathroom is strictly prohibited.

Generally, it is estimated that electrical installation carried out by a professional lasts up to 35 years. But in fact, electrical standards evolve and become more precise over time. It is therefore advisable to bring your home up to standard and to carry out an inspection of the electrical installation approximately every 10 years , in order to determine whether it is still up to standard, whether it does not present a danger for its occupants or for the electrical equipment.

In any case, it is strongly advised to go through a professional electrician to carry out such installations: the guarantee of greater safety, but also the assurance of a site carried out according to the rules of the art.



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