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The jacuzzi is a registered trademark that is now part of everyday language, named after its creator Roy Jacuzzi, in 1968, while the spa is the generic name for balneotherapy, of which more and more of us want to benefit from the many advantages. This is why it is important to think in advance about the style of spa you want (above ground, built-in or even inflatable) to better anticipate the budget and the installation work.

If it can be difficult to predict the price of installing a jacuzzi, it is because it largely depends on the structure for which you wish to opt: above ground or built-in. Nationally, the cheapest spas on the market are displayed from $1000. For that amount or less, you can opt for an inflatable hot tub. Its lifespan is quite limited, however, but if you take special care of it, it can last. There is also a whole range of accessories for inflatable hot tubs.

For a solid 4-6 seater hot tub, it is common to invest around $5000, while luxury hot tubs almost exceed that $5000 level. If you have a small budget, choose a combined shower / jacuzzi bath or a jacuzzi with 2 or 3 places. To enjoy a quality spa, consult a professional who will be able to guide your choice according to your needs, and will provide you with an estimate.

Want to install a hot tub?

Cost of installing an above ground hot tub
Modern bathtub with jacuzzi
Price of installing an above ground jacuzzi: What is your jacuzzi?
Choosing to install a hot tub instead of a regular tub can be tricky. A user must weigh both the pros and cons before making a decision. A jacuzzi is indeed a big investment, so it is extremely important to be sure that it is suitable for your lifestyle. It is from this observation that we can determine if the price is too high or affordable for a family, for example. Here are some things to think about.


Price of installing an above ground jacuzzi: budget indications
Installing a jacuzzi means being able to afford the unlimited benefits of a hot tub at home. No more expenses caused by subscriptions to a hydro or thalassotherapy treatment centre. A jacuzzi, for example, allows athletes to relax their muscles after exercise and followers of gentle therapies to pamper themselves at home and reinforce the positive aspects of other therapies.

In addition to this, home spas tend to add value to a home, and often generate a capital gain on resale. So all these reasons mean that many owners don’t care much about prices! Many, however, refuse to buy at any price or believe that having the initial budget is not enough to commit, because it is also necessary to plan maintenance costs by a professional.

Knowing that prices for home hot tubs can fluctuate between less than $5,000 and more than $20,000, it is only natural to study the matter closely. Prices vary in particular according to the following characteristics: size, shape, model, type and number of jets available, etc. There are also additional features which can affect the cost, such as the self-cleaning option – to keep the jets and hose clean throughout hot tub use and the independent heater. Another cost to factor into a budget is that of professional installation. The level of skill required (plumbing, electricity, heating) for the installation of a jacuzzi is indeed quite high (generally between $900 and $2500 depending on the complexity of the premises and accessibility).

Price of installing a jacuzzi: built-in jacuzzis
There are multiple ways to install your hot tub. This can be recessed, semi-recessed or placed on the ground on a concrete slab or on a terrace. The environment around your spa is also customizable to create a relaxing atmosphere. You can also consider a more discreet and totally zen solution, by completely encasing your spa.

This solution has a major advantage: it ensures that you maintain an unobstructed view if it is an outdoor installation. Plus, you won’t need stairs to get in and out of your spa. The downside is that you have to choose the right location from the start, because you won’t be able to change it later. In any case, allow enough space around your built-in jacuzzi to carry out any maintenance work. And whatever the layout of your wellness area, you can enjoy the benefits of your whirlpool bath all year round.

Price of installing a jacuzzi: above ground jacuzzis
Above-ground versions also exist. As is the case with built-in spas, most of the time an integrated control console is provided. The height of above-ground Jacuzzis can vary between 35in, 41in or 47in and their diameter is 59 in, 70in, 82 or 94in. They are generally equipped with an electric heater with a power of 3 kW to 6 kW and 4 to 12 jets depending on the model and can accommodate 3 to 10 people. In this category, a quality model with wood trim and wood exterior is sold from $10,750.

Price of installing a jacuzzi: guide to all prices
Let’s review the various spa categories and their prices. At the entry level, small budgets have the option of opting for an inflatable spa (which will remain short-lived) or for a quality spa, but smaller in size, with 2 or 3 places for example. Prices start at around $2,700 for a spa with up to 29 jets including 12 so-called “acupuncture” jets, with chromotherapy (one spotlight and 14 LEDs) and arch jets for relaxation. This type of bathtub has the advantage of being compact. If you like to share your balneotherapy sessions. between friends, it is better to opt for a 5-seater jacuzzi, the prices of which can vary from $4700 to more than $6000 depending on the shape (the prices rise for a rounded or original spa), the number of elongated places (1 or 2 out of 5 places), the lighting and the type of jets, more or less powerful or precise.

Price of installing a jacuzzi: delivery and transport
In many cases, your manufacturer or specialist dealer will offer to take care of delivery and transport. With regard to the price tag of your whirlpool system, delivery by carrier is generally supported and included in your price in store or offered when ordering. Most brands work with several carriers for the delivery of packages, depending on the chosen delivery method, volume, weight and destination. The customer can also have the choice of additional and paid delivery methods. Please note, depending on the specific geographical areas, you may not have the choice of all the delivery methods available. Recommendations on delivery: In the context of distance selling, it may happen that the package suffers damage during transport. Also, in order to avoid any dispute, it is recommended to follow these few tips:

check the product before signing the delivery slip
Refuse any damaged product and note the condition on the delivery note. Note that statements such as “subject to unpacking” have no legal value with carriers.
Refuse any product for which the driver does not wish to wait for unpacking.
It is important to keep in mind that no dispute can be supported if the delivery is accepted without reservation by the customer.

If you want to know more about the delivery of a package or the choice of a mode of transport, you can generally contact the customer service of your brand of spa.

Price of installing a jacuzzi: accessories
Once your spa area. installed, it remains to provide the accessories that will be useful to you. Depending on your spa, you may need a full spa cover (from $145), but also floating enclosures (from $30 to $70 on average), an inflatable bar, and even a diffuser perfumes (essential oils in microbeads). Or why not treat yourself to a multimedia pack (from $98), or an inflatable spa accessory pack (around $55) if necessary, or even keep this idea for your Christmas gifts! And maybe you won’t have to wait, because some hot tubs come with a set of accessories (cover, extra nozzles, spare lights, etc.). However, contact your retailer for advice before purchasing additional accessories when they may already be provided with your model or offered to you as part of a promotion.


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